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We know you didn't read the fine print - so we created a Chrome extension that summarizes it for you. We get it - we're all busy and the fine print is way too long, so we never read it. Magnify wants to empower you to be responsible and understand the terms and conditions whenever you're about to purchase something online. When you're on the website, just click on the Magnify button to get a summary of the terms and conditions. When you see the icon light up with an exclamation point (!), click on it. A pop-up will appear explaining how to save money, describing rules that may come back to haunt you, and demonstrating barriers to cancelling subscriptions. Every day we are adding more websites to Magnify, and if you want to know the fine print for a website that currently doesn't appear, click on the link to indicate your interest. 

The Fine Print


If you're an Amazon Prime member, and the package is late, you can either get one month of Prime free or could be offered another remedy such as a gift card or discount on Prime membership.


If you want a refund, you must call customer service.


There's a $200 flight change fee for domestic flights if you don't have a certain level of status.


If you want to modify or cancel a purchase, you must call within two hours of the sale.



Magnify Features

When's the last time you read the fine print?

Magnify can tell you how to save money and get refunds, discloses rules you didn’t know about, and identifies potential problems in the future



Our specialized contract experts are constantly checking to see what companies add, delete, or modify in their terms and conditions. We make the changes as soon as we are aware of them so that you can make the best decisions possible. The extension automatically updates so you don't have to wait!


We don't look for things that companies want us to tell you - we are independent and looking for terms relevant to you, the consumer. If we find ways to save you money, you'll find them in the Chrome extension. If we find terms that may screw you over, you'll find them in the Chrome extension. 


There are some websites who's terms and conditions we have not yet summarized. If you would find useful to know what's in the fine print, please let us know via the Chrome extension! 


I’ve been using Magnify to help me pick out which airlines are really the best deal or not. It’s extremely useful!
— Peter in Chicago


We translate the legalese so you don't have to understand complicated legal language. We are Merrian-Webster free! All of our summaries are written in plain English so that you understand the relevant terms. If you feel like our summaries don't make sense, let us know at admin@joinmagnify.com.


We are transparent in where we get our money from, who we are, how we summarize, and what our values are. 



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Satisfied Customers

Magnify summaries are super helpful - it changes the way I shop!
— Clif in Hawaii
Magnify uncovered some important details regarding an online purchase I made. Five out of five stars for Magnify.
— Danny in DC
It’s great for making sure I buy the right airline ticket. No more surprise fees!
— Molly in Michigan